At Triloma, we are doing business to change lives.SM Whether it’s the lives of our associates or the life of a child half-way across the world, we aspire for our business to have a positive impact on everyone we come in contact with. This mission is what drives our relationship-driven culture and all aspects of our business operations.

One of the ways we’re living out this mission is by supporting the non-profit organization, Beauty for Ashes Uganda. Two of our founding partners serve on its board of directors, and many of our associates and business partners are committing their time and financial support as well.

Beauty for Ashes Uganda educates and empowers oppressed single mothers and widows in the Teso region of Uganda so they can break the poverty cycle and achieve long-term financial sustainability for their families. In Ugandan society, single mothers and widows have almost no legal rights or social standing and, therefore, very limited means of providing for their children. Beauty for Ashes Uganda works directly with them in their villages to help form cooperatives of about 30 women, providing them with practical resources for self-sufficiency (such as cows, chickens and mosquito nets) as well as training in literacy, finance, micro-agriculture, hygiene and more. Additionally, because education is one of the primary means of breaking the poverty cycle, their children receive scholarships to attend secondary and postsecondary school. Thanks to Triloma’s partnership with Beauty for Ashes Uganda, more than 7,000 people in Uganda are being directly impacted, and that number grows daily.

Larry Goff on Beauty for Ashes